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Holding Hands


Endangered Kind – Why? Because the threat of extinction is real; and danger to a man’s life is
always there. Born of the need for these men to survive and no longer be a victim, Endangered
Kind heard the streets whisper. Endangered Kind answered the call. August 2019, Endangered
Kind was granted its’ 501c3 non-profit certification. A community-based organization,
Endangered Kind is designed to rebuild those that have been abandoned in the streets. For the
imperfect human being in need of direction; there’s Peer Support Services, Safety Intervention,
and Resource Placement to help survivalist
 transition into pro-social leadership.

A place where there’s no shame and no judgment, Endangered Kind is here to support. Recovery is a lifestyle whose journey lasts until mans’ last breath. Endangered Kind is committed to helping, healing, and building healthy living for those facing violence and those that are conflicted with defending their lives against violence. Rebuilding victims of trauma is a process. 

As a part of our three-point system, we offer Peer Support Services, Safety Intervention, and Resource Placement. Click the button below to learn more about our services!

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